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Are you looking for a nutritional supplement that supports your overall health and wellness? Or are you looking for that extra boost of energy to help you get through the day? At AIM Center For Personalized Medicine, we offer a full line of top quality, professional grade supplements that deliver on their promises and provide the dietary boost you are searching for. Read more below on how our supplements can keep you healthy without interfering with your busy life.

Dr. Tania Tyles Dempsey finds it important to educate patients on the benefits you can gain from the simple addition of nutritional supplements into your diet regimen.

Assuming your diet is as healthy as you can manage—it has lots of color on the plate, provides complete protein and moderate amounts of healthy fats and oils, you are off to a good start. But diet is often not enough.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

Nutritional supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, meal supplements, and natural food supplements which increase the value of your diet and help reduce disease and disorders, support the immune system, and improve energy. Some even target specific ailments and reduce pain. However, they only accomplish all of that if the supplements you choose are uniform in active ingredient content, free of harmful additives and allergens, and are absorbable in the body.

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Why Do You Need Nutritional Supplements?

Our food supply isn’t what it once was. In order to provide a variety of produce year-round, grocery suppliers have to import food from all over the world. When the food travels from distant places, it loses its nutrients. For example, a head of broccoli in the supermarket likely travels close to 2,000 miles to get there. In order for food to travel long distances, it either needs to be picked unripe and then ripened in a variety of ways when it arrives, or it needs to be irradiated or processed in factories to keep it stable for transport. There will likely be very few nutrients left after this. This doesn’t even take into account the carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels to ship food worldwide.

In addition, many agricultural farms are at risk for contamination from run-off water from the livestock farms. Outbreaks of food-borne illness have become the norm, from E.coli-contaminated Romaine lettuce to Salmonella contaminated melon. Buying local and seasonally and knowing the farmer/farm can help ensure safer food. Cleaning produce adequately before eating may decrease some but not all of the risk of illness.

Commercially- raised animals and their meat carry their own set of issues. Animal welfare including how the animals are fed, are important and affect the quality of the meat (not to mention other environmental concerns). Grassfed meat that is fresh from local farms or flash frozen immediately provide a healthier option and is rich in nutrients that body needs.

The bottom line is that it takes hard work to source the proper food for your body, and this may still not be enough. Nutritional supplementation helps to round out the nutrients that may be missing from the diet. Stress, exercise, illness, and many other factors can cause a depletion of nutrients that nutritional supplementation can also help with. 

High Quality, Professional Grade Supplements

Many supplements are not measured for ingredient uniformity, delivering little or no regular quantity and quality of ingredients. Currently, there are no legal requirements for levels or strength of active ingredients in the supplements you can purchase at your local health food store or pharmacy. Until there are, the only option is to purchase products from reliable companies that guarantee potency and efficacy. The method of production of a vitamin or mineral and inactive ingredients in each dose is vital to the safety and effectiveness of the product. If an ingredient such as yeast is used in the product, there is insufficient space for the active vitamin or mineral in a useful quantity. This is why all supplements at AIM Center For Personalized Medicine are produced and tested by top supplement companies, as passionate about your health as we are. The companies we trust practice high-quality, professional standards in the production of their products. We make sure our patients are able to depend on the quality and efficacy of these supplements.

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Nutritional Supplement Labeling

If you are looking for reliable and effective supplements to improve your diet and overall health you need to make sure all information necessary to aid this process is readily available at your fingertips. At AIM Center For Personalized Medicine, all of our supplements are labeled accurately and effectively to disclose all ingredients, including raw materials from which active ingredients are drawn. Standardization information about herbal extracts and their true elemental weight of minerals can also be found on all of our top-quality professional grade nutritional supplements. The label of a supplement is most important as it not only allows for Dr. Tania Tyles Dempsey to accurately determine dosing of this nutritional supplement in a patient’s diet regimen, but it also protects the patient from unexpected sensitivities by allowing easy to read labels.

Nutritional Supplements and Quality Control

At Armonk Integrative Medicine we only supply nutritional supplements from manufacturers with strict quality control standards. Product testing programs include verification of label claims, potency and purity by 3rd-party laboratories. Information from the manufacturers of our nutritional supplements identifying that independent labs that test and certify quality, potency, content, and veracity of claims can be found directly on their product labels or on their current websites.

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