Ginger (90 Caps)
Ginger (90 Caps)

Ginger (90 Caps)

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Ginger supports digestion and nutrient assimilation while soothing digestion. 

Ginger is a famous spice whose versatility spans from global cuisine to ancient folk remedies. Ginger’s fiery taste and warming nature calms motion induced nausea. Unlike black pepper, which can be irritating to some, Ginger supports digestion and nutrient assimilation and is also known to support healthy cardiovascular function and a balanced immune system response.


In the Vedic tradition, Ginger is referred to as “the universal medicine,” respected for its warming support of the digestive and respiratory systems. Ginger promotes robust agni, which is described as an individual’s digestive strength and ability to assimilate life experiences. If someone has weak agni, excess ama, or toxins, can build up in the body. Ayurveda assumes a holistic stance on health; Ginger offers holistic balance to an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual centers.

SUGGESTED USE: 2 capsules twice daily with food and water - or as suggested by your health care practitioner

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